Frances Wosmek

Frances Wosmek has published thirteen books, twelve of them for children. The last, A Brown Bird Singing, was selected as a Notable Book in Social Sciences by the Children’s Book Council of New York in 1987. Houghton Mifflin included A Bowl of Sun in a reading text for third graders. Frances received a special Edgar Allan Poe award from the Mystery Writers of American for Mystery of the Eagle’s Claw. In the Space of a Wink was read in two segments on Boston radio station WGBH (Reading Aloud). She has designed greeting cards, toys, children’s product and fabrics and has had many articles, poems, and play in various publications. Frances has received more than fifty prizes and awards for creative projects and has taught elementary school and Writer for Children. She lives in the Magnolia neighborhood of Gloucester, Massachusetts. (


Museum of Art


Time’s hand presses the mouth of centuries,

and silence huddles in cool corners.

Marble staircases clap sharp footsteps

that startle to echoing oblivion.


From measured rows, sedate and frame bound,

glorying ageless and smoldering blood-war,

artist’s souls, unbodied to beginning,

reincarnate in living eyes.




Yes, let us have peace…

but preserve us from the emptiness of peace

devoid of the clashing cymbals of contrast

and the challenging drum-roll of determination…

a peace without symphonies transcended from melodies

by inspired batons that fuse variances into triumphal crescendos.

Peace is unread unless it is scored

to the music of being …a continuous, creative unfolding

and fulfillment in the process of becoming.


Yes, let us have peace…

vital, dynamic and adventurous peace that liberates humanity

from the bondage of fear and conformity and inaction.

Replace, to begin, the timorous white dove

with the resolute eagle of unfaltering eye, taloned with courage…

and poised, ever-ready, to shred the veils of greed and prejudice.

Let it so reveal, in elemental splendor,

Nature’s indomitable instinct for the birth of harmony

from the pangs of creation in the order of opposites.